STUDIO TIPS: Don't be afraid to explore!

As I mentioned on the Studio Update page, I spent some time last summer just exploring watercolors, specifically how to depict water. It's challenging: watercolor itself is challenging (but such fun!), and water — so changeable, solid yet ever-moving — is a huge challenge in itself.


For reference I chose a photo I took at a local river park. The water is moving, but not too swiftly, reflecting the colors of the nearby vegetation and the blue fall sky. I wasn't trying for a finished piece; I started this over and over, many times, and I'm not satisfied yet, but it was fun and interesting to explore different brushes, how much water to apply (and when), and the layering of colors.


Watercolor Exercises:
Detail: Potter's Grove

I then moved on to tree trunks. They are a bit less problematical, but you can still mess them up quite fast with overworking or underworking.


Take some time every now and then to forget the goal of a framed painting or drawing and just play with the medium, the paper, and the subject... you never know what you will discover!

Watercolor Exercises:
Detail: Tree Trunks