STUDIO TIPS: Trying something different.

As you can see by my Studio Update page, I've been busy with client art. I love to work with my clients, solving problems and coming up with visuals that they are happy and proud to display — rewarding work but time-consuming. I generally don't spend much time on my own art.


Once in a while, though, I do get my creative juices brewing and find a bit of time to work on something just for myself. My latest piece is an ink line drawing of a gorgeous tree that we saw while in Australia, at Brown Lake on Stradbroke Island, off the coast near Brisbane. I took many photos (not much time to sketch), and always wanted to "do something" with this particular shot. My first thought is always a watercolor piece, but this is so linear, I decided on an ink line drawing – something I haven't done in a long time. (I may try the watercolor at some point.)

So many little squiggly lines! I started doing more traditional crosshatching, but decided that was too rigid for this, and ended up with the squiggles. This went surprisingly fast; that in itself was rewarding, as I knew I didn't have a lot of time to devote to it.


Once in awhile, take up a medium you are unfamiliar with or one you haven't touched in ahwile! And don't shy away from doing a quick piece.

Tea Tree, © Gail W. Guth  2-19-2022

Ink line

Watercolor Exercises:
Detail: Tree Trunks