Maps are an endless challenge and such fun to make! I have loved both studying them and making them since I was a child. Maps — well-done and interesting ones! —are like good books or good movies, they take you on a journey and tell a story along the way.


Obviously, different maps tell different stories: all are wayfaring guides, telling visitors where things are; but in addition they can convey the flavor and character of a site, even its history. The key elements are, not in any particular order, clarity, readability, and accuracy. It should be as easy as possible for visitors to determine where they are now, and what they need to do to get to their destination. These seem like obvious statements, but when you sit down to design a new map, you realize it's a big job. It's easy to get carried away with embellishments: the art should enhance the information, not overwhelm or obscure it.



©Tapteal Greenway Association: Infographic promoting the many resources along the watershed in Richland, WA


©Leila Arboretum Children's Garden: Wayfaring map highlighting the features in the Arboretum's Children's Garden


©Borgess Medical Center: Visitor Information wayfaring map of the hospital campus


©Binder Park Zoo: Visitor Information wayfaring map of the zoo grounds and exhibit features