STUDIO UPDATE: Spring 2019

Finally! Spring! the weather is trying hard to improve, and I am ready to get outdoors and do some painting and drawing. I've busied myself this past winter with another watercolor in my fledgling series on "Beautiful Invasives", a painting of an amur maple branch with its pretty seeds. Too bad it is so beautiful, it produces TONS of seed and can take over, driving out native flora.

Amur Maple

 ¬© Gail W. Guth


Another fun project: a portrait of a beloved
pet, Vinnie, a greyhound. My client shares her home with a number of rescue greyhounds; Vinnie was an especial favorite who passed away last summer. She requested the addition of the Rainbow Bridge and little watercolor sketches of the other dogs, as though Vinnie
is still watching over them. His expression says he was a very sweet dog, and I am honored to help preserve his memory.

My Instagram account showcases my sketches.
Please check them out at GailGuthArt!


Watusi bull   ¬©Gail W. Guth